Friday, August 20, 2010

First Word!!

Hello, world… just like the new un-original title! At last i made a blog.

This will be my second blog... I was considering on making 2nd blog out of the nail polish topic because I think people don't want to see me being grumbling or sarcastis all the time so... yeah...

Anyway, I'm not gonna post anything strange... but I may post something out of the blue (but that could be strange post... LOL, Whatever)

I think twitterverse is getting smaller and smaller by chance. But trust me… I’m still gonna update twitter more often than this one.

I just proud with the fact that I can link something from my twitter to something (which is this blog, of course) and I was wondering… what should I write… I mean, people makes blog for something… and what’s interest me?!

Then I thought… “hey… I love commenting. I love watching people being stupid and than mock it.” So yeah… it hit me that this blog is going to be a blog full of review of things that I like. Such as:

  1. Stupid Celebrity and their fashion sense (Hollywood and a bit of korean, i think)
  2. TV, Movie, and Book review… (but mostly would be TV and Movie review… LOL)
  3. and probably boring stuff about life, friends, and family (anticipate big whinner!!)

So there… 3 things I would mostly post. If you read anything else than that…



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